Our Governors

We have an active and committed governing body, continuously working with our staff and leadership to further improve our school.

Our Governors

We have an active and committed governing body, continuously working with our staff and leadership to further improve our school.

The governors are drawn from different areas: staff; parents; the local community and local authority governors. The governing body can also co-opt additional help from individuals with particular expertise. School governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They must act together; they cannot act individually. The role of governor is an exciting and challenging one that offers a unique opportunity to understand more about how the school works and to help shape its future direction.

Bishop Road Primary School has an active and committed governing body with a shared desire to work in partnership with the school leadership team and staff to further improve the school.

The governing body is accountable for the strategic direction of the school and for the quality of education that it provides. At Bishop Road Primary School governors fulfil this role by:

  • Attending governing body meetings
  • Sitting on one or more of the 3 main sub-committees – Staffing; Teaching and Learning; Finance, Buildings, Health & Safety
  • Participating in joint staff and governor development events;
  • Supporting the school and representing the governing body at school events;
  • Keeping up to date with developments in the education sector and attending training and events provided by Bristol City Council.

For any queries regarding the school governors, please contact the Clerk to Governors, Janet Bremner at clerkbishoprdp@bristol-schools.uk.

Becoming a Governor

Being a parent governor can be an enjoyable, worthwhile and challenging way to help the school. It is also a great opportunity to get to know the school community better and work with a great team of people.

Governors commit to the role for four years and when a vacancy comes up for a parent governor all parents are notified through the school newsletter. All parents are encouraged to consider becoming a governor and if more than one person puts their name forward then an election of all parents takes place.

Our Governors

Dara Ely – Co-Chair of Governors – Co-opted Governor
Lorraine Woodward
Lorraine Woodward – Co-Chair of Governors – Co-opted Governor
Gillian Powe – Head Teacher – Staff Governor
Joe Emissah – Deputy Head – Associate Governor
Thomas Barr – Staff Governor
John St Ledger
John St Leger – LA
Cedric Sanguignol – Co-opted Governor

Dr Liang-Fong Wong – Co-opted Governor

Sarah Gillingham – Co-opted Governor

Alex Edwards – Co-opted Governor

Janet Bremner – Clerk to Governors

Rachel Whitfield – Parent Governor

Justin Vafadari – Vice Chair of Governors and Co-opted SEND Named Governor

Sally Lucas – Parent Governor

Governor Key Information

– Governing Body Membership form
– Pecuniary Interests Register
– Governors Attendance Register


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