Year 6

A big welcome to Year 6 at Bishop Road School. The class teachers in Year 6 are Miss Tatum, Mr Chamberlin, Mr Young, and Mrs Rowden with the classes known as 6T, 6C, 6Y & 6R respectively. Year 6 are situated in the Silverthorne building. 

You can find more information about our learning this term via our curriculum page below which also includes information about how you can help at home, a reading list and an overview of the topics covered this year. Homework and spellings for the year group can be found on the links below and the individual class blogs give a flavour of the things we have been doing recently.

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Year 6
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    19th November 2021
    Outdoor Learning
    Over the past couple of weeks, 6C have thoroughly enjoyed their adventurous outdoor learning sessions. We have...
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    8th November 2021
    Outdoor Learning
    6T kicked off Year 6's outdoor learning with our first session on the first morning back at...
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    4th November 2021
    Christmas Performance!
    It's the most wonderful time of the year... to learn to sing and dance! Here is where...
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    13th October 2021
    Our first class Library day!
    We are absolutely thrilled to be able to return to our school's library as a class! 6R...
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    6th October 2021
    Wonderful Westonbirt!
    We had an absolutely wonderful time exploring Westonbirt Arboretum as a class, despite the weather! We foraged...
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    5th October 2021
    The Wonders of Westonbirt
    Last Monday, 6T kicked off Bishop Road's whole school trip to Westonbirt Arboretum by being one of...
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    3rd October 2021
    Westonbirt Arboretum
    During our trip to Westonbirt, we enjoyed creating sculptures, identifying leaves and sketching some of our discoveries....
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    1st October 2021
    Wonderful Westonbirt
    6Y had a wonderful time at Westonbirt Arboretum earlier this week. It was lovely to breathe in...
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    20th September 2021
    Welcome to 6R!
    Welcome to 6R! We are excited to show you our classroom and the fabulous start we have...
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    19th September 2021
    Welcome to 6C!
    Welcome to 6C! We are thrilled to show you the wonderful start we have made to Year...
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    9th September 2021
    New beginnings in 6Y!
    Welcome to 6Y! The children and I want to show you the brilliant start we have made...
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    8th September 2021
    Reading Time in 6T
    During our first weeks back at school, 6T have enjoyed some free reading time. Miss Tatum read...
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    19th August 2021
    Welcome to the Year 6 blog. Blog posts for the whole year group and individual year 6...