Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Ethos

Bishop Road is a welcoming and happy place to learn and grow. We have a dedicated team of governors, professional and friendly staff and a supportive group of parents and carers working together to give our children the best education possible.

For us, primary means fundamental and we believe we are preparing children for their future lives through ensuring the highest standards in teaching and learning and a wide range of experiences and opportunities as they move through the school.

The love of literature and passion for stories runs throughout the school. At Bishop Road we recognise story and narrative as the fundamental way that people share meaning and develop a sense of the world. We place a significant value on reading, telling and sharing stories and see our class book corners, story garden and two school libraries as the heart of our school ethos.

As a school community we believe that the vision of the school should be driven by foundational values. These values permeate our approach to all aspects of our school and help us to understand and achieve our core purpose.

Our Vision

Aspire, Accept and Appreciate

The school vision is simple and clear to all. It is an expression of our core valuesthat we want everyone in our community to understand and share.

Our Values

o   Aspire to high standards in all that we say and do

o   Accept and value one another

o   Appreciate and contribute to our world

The diverse backgrounds and stories of the children in our community combined with our belief in parity of opportunity and high standards for all are the factors that have shaped these values. We want our children to develop an awareness and appreciation of how they can use their knowledge, skills and talents to build relationships, support others and contribute to the world.

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