Clubs and Sports

Welcome to the page for sports and clubs! Most relevant information is displayed both on here and on the clubs…

Clubs and Sports

Welcome to the page for sports and clubs! Most relevant information is displayed both on here and on the clubs…

Welcome to the page for sports and clubs! Most relevant information is displayed both on here and on the clubs noticeboard by the blue gates.


When do clubs run?

Term 1: Week commencing 7th October onwards

Term 2: All except the last week of term

Term 3: Clubs do not run

Term 4: Every week

Term 5: Every week

Term 6: All except the last two weeks of term


Clubs do not run on any day during parents’ evening weeks.

Clubs will not run on specific days when there is an open classroom, but will run on the other days of that week.

What is offered and who runs each club?

The document below outlines the core clubs offer for this academic year, including the day and time of each club and the teacher who leads it.

Clubs 2019 20

If you have a query relating to a specific club, please contact the club leader in the first instance. If they are unable to answer your question, please then contact Mr Barr (Year 3 teacher).

Why has my club been split into two or three groups?

Clubs are offered to children in years one to six. With this amounting to approximately 720 children (and the vast majority opting to do a club), it is not possible to accommodate every child in a club for the entire year. As such, clubs which are significantly over-subscribed are usually split into two or three groups in order to allow as many children as possible who are interested to enjoy a club for at least part of the year. We make every effort to ensure that each child has a place in a club if they would like one.

If your club has been split into two groups:

Group 1: Monday 7th October to Friday 20th March

Group 2: Monday 23rd March to Friday 3rd July

If your club has been split into three groups:

Group 1: Monday 7th October to Friday 13th December

Group 2: Monday 24th February to Friday 1st May

Group 3: Monday 4th May to Friday 3rd July

Swimming team

Swimming has long been an important sport at Bishop Road, with the school team regularly competing amongst the best in the country at the national primary finals. The school takes part in termly competitive galas against other local schools, friendly galas for developing competitive swimmers and both the Bristol and English schools’ championships. If you are interested in competitive swimming and can confidently swim at least 50m freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke without needing to stop, please speak to Mr Barr about possibly swimming in a gala at some point.

Competitive sports

Various teams from the school take part in a wide range of sporting competitions against other schools. If you check the notice board by the blue gates and the display board next to the trophy cabinet in the entrance hall you can see updates of what we have been doing. Many events are also added to the main school blog on the website.

Sports Development Clubs

Sports development lessons are run separately to the core offer of clubs. They are offered by the Ed Support company who provide the curriculum PE lessons in school.

‘Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been in contact recently, we are as keen to get the children back into sports clubs as you are and really do look forward to communicating the restart of the clubs. Unfortunately, due to the guidelines on class bubbles, we wont be unable to begin any clubs until September at the earliest. 
Over the summer months, to make booking your children into clubs much easier, the new Ed Support website will be launched that will include a simple booking system for all clubs at Bishop Road.  This will be communicated to all of you alongside a list of the planned clubs in due course.
As you know the PE team place a huge emphasis on all the children being active in a safe, enjoyable environment and we’ve been delighted with how they have taken to Athletics this term during PE after missing Term 5 & 6 last year. Summer terms and sports day practice are always an exciting part of the year.
Finally, if you have any questions please do get in touch with Mr Starkie via
Let’s hope for some positive months ahead, with a little more sunshine, as we all get a little more freedom back!
Mr Starkie’