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A warm welcome to Bishop Road Primary School!

Bishop Road School is situated in the heart of Bishopston and is an outstanding school with an excellent reputation for sustained high achievement as well as a high quality and varied curriculum. With a history of education stretching back to Victorian times, Bishop Road School is one of the largest primary schools in Bristol currently educating nearly 800 pupils (four classes in most year groups). Parents are supportive and contribute significantly to the school community.

Many inspirational individuals have passed through the school, with some ex-pupils going on to achieve recognition for their significant contributions in different fields. Most notable amongst them: Paul Dirac who formulated the Dirac equation and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics and Cary Grant who is renowned as one of the greatest stars of 20th century film.

Learning Community
At Bishop Road we have developed a story centred curriculum that recognises narrative as the fundamental way that people share meaning and develop a sense of the world. For this reason we place reading, telling and sharing stories at the centre of our teaching and learning. Story is the basis for our approach to social, emotional and academic development and the cornerstone to our broad and balanced curriculum. From our story centred curriculum we make links between different subjects (particularly history, geography and science) to ensure learning is contextualised and purposeful.

School environment
As a large school we have the benefit of a range of high quality facilities including a school gymnasium, cooking room, dedicated indoor climbing wall, three external traversing walls, music facilities and our own school radio. Our children also enjoy visiting our new facility (the Dirac Centre) next to our school field which is used for PE as well as investigations and projects for Maths, Science and Geography.

Core offer and enrichment
We have a great many trips, visiting speakers and engaging activities that enrich the learning and ensure pupils are motivated and enjoy school. Our staff are highly committed offering over 20 voluntary afterschool clubs. Across the year there are around 20 school trips as well as residential trip in Year 6. The staff team play an active role in enabling children to enjoy competitive opportunities with over 40 off site visits for competitions and tournaments both locally and nationally. We are particularly proud of our swimming team who have been credited as Bristol Swimming Champions and National Finalists for the last two years.

Class performances are a core feature of our school annual celebrations with 52 taking place this year meaning that each class enjoys a Christmas and Summer Performance which is open to all parents, carers and relations. Every child has a role in each performance and these are very popular occasions with upwards of 100 in attendance which gives the children an excellent opportunity to develop confidence and reflects the great community spirit.

If you want to keep up to date with the school please visit our school blog and see the Head Teacher’s monthly newsletters.

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