Welcome to the Bishop Road Science Blog!

Science at Bishop Road is taught with scientific exploration at its heart. Children at Bishop Road are encouraged to answer open ended questions and use their ingenuity to find a solution to the problems they are set. On the science page, you will find examples of photos showing many of the investigations the children take part in and the results of these as well.


Watch them Grow!

Year 5 continued with their experiment today. Having left their planted cress, green beans or carrots, the children measured each pot to see what soil helped them grow.

The children recorded their results using bar graphs and decided nutrient rich compost did not help the seed germinate quickly, but did help it grow healthily after the first week of planting.

Here are some of their results.

Planting Season

Today, Year 5 were posed the question, ‘Does planting a seed in different soils affect its growth?’

To find out, the children took runner bean, carrot and cress seeds and planted them in a variety of soils. A mineral rich compost, a garden soil and a sandy soil to see which would enable to seeds to germinate and grow most successfully.

Once hypotheses were made and experiments planned the children found their soils and planted. As the weeks go by, the children will measure the growth, plot on graphs and ultimately make a decision as to which soil will allow the plants to grow most successfully and justify why that may have been the case.


Cunning Chemistry

This week, the children of Bishop Road were treated to a magnificent science display, focused on chemistry and the three states of matter, liquids, solids and gasses.

There were bangs, liquid nitrogen and freezing flowers but most importantly the children learnt the difference between reversible and irreversible changes in state.

Here are a few photos of the day.