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Jon Atkinson – Forest of Avon Trust

February 27, 2019

On Tuesday 26th February, John Atkinson from the Forest Avon Trust visited to deliver an assembly to the whole school. He showed us pictures of different types of trees and taught us lots of interesting facts about trees. Jon also brought us some trees, which Year 4 planted up at the field. The interview crew asked Jon some questions to find out more:

IC: When did you first become interested in trees?

When I was in Year 5 and first learned about nature in science.

IC: What does your job involve?

I plant lots of trees, I talk to others about trees and I visit schools.

IC: What is your favourite species of tree?

A scots pine.

IC: Which species of trees have you donated to our school?

Hazel, hawthorn, elder, birch.

IC: What role do trees play in our environment?

They do so much! They help clean the air, they give us oxygen to breathe, they stop flooding, they provide habitats for animals and insects and they provide us with food, medicines and products.

IC: What can we do to help look after trees?

You can water trees if the soil is dry, buy wooden products that are FSC certified, try not to cut them down, and replant more trees if you do.

IC: What is the most fascinating fact you could tell us about trees?

My favourite fact is that trees talk to each other! They communicate messages via their roots to help each other survive.

Puppet Show!

February 26, 2019

On Wednesday 13th February, Reception were lucky enough to watch a puppet show. The interview crew gained exclusive access, watching the end of the show and meeting the puppeteer to find out more…

IC: How do you make the puppets?

I make them out of many different materials and ols.


IC: Where do you get the materials?

I find some of them when I am out walking, such as sea shells and sheep skulls. I also recycle materials such as buttons and fabric, and I buy paints and glue from art shops.


IC: How did you become a puppeteer?

I enjoyed playing with my children and telling them stories.


IC: How old were you when you first started?

I was 25.


IC: Do you work with any assistants?

No, I do everything myself: build the backdrop, make the puppets and perform the show.


IC: What types of puppets do you use?

I use two types: glove puppets and rod puppets. I have to use lip syncing with the glove puppets, which is where I move my hand as I say words. The rod puppets allow me to move different parts of the puppets’ bodies.


IC: What’s your favourite puppet show to act out?

The show I performed today, which is called Mr Brown’s Pig Puppet Show.

IC: Do you hire people to do the voices or do you do them yourself?

I do all of the voices myself. It is important to match the voice to the character, so I think about their size, the type of animal they are, whether they are good or evil and I do lots of practice!

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Mark Robertson

November 28, 2018

On Tuesday 27th November, the author and illustrator Mark Robertson visited Bishop Road Primary School to lead an assembly with Years 1, 2 and 3 and to run some workshops with Year 1. You might have read some of Mark’s books such as ‘The Egg’ and ‘The Great Dragon Rescue’. Our Interview Crew was lucky enough to ask Mark some questions and he even showed us some of his sketches!

IC: Where do you get your inspiration from?

MR: I get it from everywhere! The people I meet, my experiences and even objects, for example once I was given an egg, and my imagination led me to think of a boy sitting on an egg, which became the front cover of one of my books!

 IC: What do you like about your job?

MR: I love visiting schools like today, and I enjoy having the freedom to make up my own ideas, and to spend every day drawing!

IC: What was the first book you ever wrote?

MR: Seven Ways to Catch the Moon, it was about a little girl who tries to catch the moon and finally manages it in her dreams.

IC: How do you draw such good dragons?

MR: Well, of course I have a pet dragon so that helps me a lot.

IC: Are you planning on writing any more books for this series?

No, this series is finished now, it was only meant to be one book! I am writing a new book now about something completely different.

IC: Do your family enjoy your books?

Not really, my sons are too used to seeing my books now to find them exciting. They do inspire me though, the boy on the front cover of ‘The Egg’ was based on my own son!

IC: Are dragons your favourite creature and have you liked them since childhood?

MR: Yes I’ve always loved dragons because they can fly and breathe fire. They’re great to draw because they come from your imagination so can look however you want them to look and no one can tell you that you’re wrong.

 IC: Which book did you enjoy writing the most?

MR: I am really enjoying writing my new book, ‘Chip’, about robots in space.

IC: What is your least favourite book you’ve ever written? Why?

I found ‘Big Foot’ hard to write because it was a bed time story which isn’t really the thing I’m most interested in.

IC: How did you become interested in illustrating?

MR: I’ve always loved drawing, I started in Graphic Design which is arranging words and pictures on a page, then I became an illustrator for books.