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Here you will find all the information you need about cooking, food and nutrition at our school.

At our school, we believe it is important for the children to learn how to prepare and cook food as it is a crucial ‘life skill’.

Practical sessions

This year there will be a change to how practical sessions are run, these will take place across Years R, 1, 2 and 4 throughout the year.  Take a look at what we will be cooking below:

Reception Bread Fruity porridge
Year 1 Guacamole
Year 2 Pasta salad
Year 4 Cheese scones

Reception cookery

In Reception we have been learning about the threee bears and thought it would be fitting to learn how to make a healthy breakfast for them!  We made a fruity porridge and found out about mixing and chopping.  We are starting to learn how to hold a knife to chop and how different ingredients can be mixed and combined.  Some of us tasted new fruits and some of us weren’t to keen on the texture of the porridge…”it’s turning all sticky!” Miley notes.

For our theory lessons we made tally charts, thinking about which fruit is the most popular in our class.  We learnt that most people liked bananas but strawberries were a favourite too…not many people liked kiwis or oranges as they were the least popular.

IMG_0475 IMG_0480 IMG_0481 IMG_0487 IMG_0495 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0491 IMG_0478 IMG_0479 IMG_0476

Year 2 cookery

Following on from Reception’s healthy breakfast, Year 2 have been making a main course of a layered pasta salad.  They are confident in holding a knife to chop ingredients and are now starting to use other equipment such as a tin opener and a lemon press.  They tried out different techniques to tear into a pepper…with some surprising and humorous results!

IMG_3153 IMG_3152 IMG_3151 IMG_3148 IMG_3147 IMG_3146 IMG_3144 IMG_3150 IMG_3140 IMG_3138 IMG_3136


Theory sessions

Every year group will also take part in three theory sessions which develop children’s awareness of seasonal food, where our food comes from and healthy eating.


Warburtons  – Nov 2017

This year Year 5 have had a bread making lesson with Warburtons!

The Warburtons team did a fantastic job of preparing all the ingredients for the children to make a bread roll.  They learnt how yeast works and the importance of allowing bread to prove!  Food hygiene is a very important part of learning and Warburtons showed the children ho to prepare their clothes and hair for cooking as you would do in a factory o restaurant.  There were lots of different products for the children to have a look at, understanding that a simple bread recipe can be changed just slightly to make a new type of bread.  Don’t they look fetching in their hair nets?!

DSCI0052 DSCI0048 DSCI0046 DSCI0042 DSCI0038 DSCI0051 DSCI0044 DSCI0049 DSCI0037 DSCI0036

Food for Thought – June 2018

A team of medics from UWE came to explore the topic “food for thought” with Year 3.

The children looked at the different food groups and explored the effects of food on our bodies.  They looked how healthy their lunch was and talked about having a “balanced diet”.

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